Wooden Seawalls

All of our Wooden Seawalls have been designed and engineered to assure the highest level of quality and structural integrity.

Our competitors might say we “overbuild” our seawall structures, but we feel strongly that when protecting your waterfront investment, there’s simply no such thing.  We build our seawalls to last and we strive to bring the superior quality materials and craftsmanship to our valued customers.  The Wooden Seawall is the most economical structure in residential applications.

For our Wooden Seawalls, our pilings are placed 5’ on center, with a minimum of 6-foot to 8-foot penetration through the river or canal bottom. We install ¾” galvanized or stainless steel tie back rods through each piling, and each of our tie back rods are poured into 1/3 of a yard of 3,000 PSI “redi-mix” concrete, which is pumped into each tie back hole.

All lumber used in our seawall construction is CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) marine treated to 2.5, which is the highest chemical treatment available, and used expressly for complete salt-water submersion.  Our seawall framing is constructed out of “rough sawn” 2×8’s, which are a full 2-inches in thickness, and 2×8 vertical bulkhead boards installed with a minimum of 4-foot penetration.

We use 316 grade stainless steel ring-shank 40d and 60d fasteners in all of our seawall construction, and “Amocco-1199” marine filter fabric to control erosion.

We offer either a doubled 2×8 wooden seawall cap, or a 12-inch by 16-inch concrete seawall cap on all of our wooden seawall structures.