Vinyl Seawalls

All of our Vinyl Seawalls have been designed and engineered to assure the highest level of quality and structural integrity as well.

Our competitors might say we “overbuild” our seawall structures, but we feel strongly that when protecting your waterfront investment, there’s no such thing. Vinyl Seawall Vinyl Seawall

We build our seawalls to last and we strive to bring superior quality materials and craftsmanship to our valued customers.  The Vinyl Seawall structure is a little more expensive, but has no equal in its weathering and physical properties.

Our Vinyl Seawalls are constructed out of extruded interlocking vinyl sheet pilings, manufactured by ShoreGuard® or  C-LOC®. These vinyl sheet pilings are available in several colors and eleven strengths to give you the most cost effective option to meet your needs.  Whether you’re shopping for a lightweight residential grade or a heavy-duty industrial or commercial grade, we can accommodate your needs.

There are several options available for our Vinyl Seawall caps, including Wood, Aluminum & Concrete. The ShoreGuard® Aluminum Cap provides the best combination of value and appearance and is constructed from 6061-T6 or 6063-T6 marine grade aluminum. The aluminum cap is available in Mill Finish Silver, Gray, Clay and Anodized Marine Bronze.

Vinyl Seawall

Darrell’s Docks, Inc. prides itself in our concrete cap construction, which has a finished dimension of 16-inches deep and 22-inches – 24-inches wide. We form our cap directly on top of our vinyl seawalls, and tie back rods are fastened directly into the steel formwork and poured into the cap.  We use 4,000 PSI “redi-mix” concrete with industrial fiber for superior strength and durability.

ShoreGuard® also manufactures Aluminum Sheet Piling and UltraComposite™ FRP Sheet Piling as well.

ShoreGuard® and C-LOC® vinyl sheet pilings come with a limited (50) year manufacturers product warranty, and are engineered to last. These vinyl seawalls give you the clean, maintenance free design you are looking for.

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