Darrell’s Docks, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Golden Boat Lifts, which is committed to manufacturing the “Finest Boat Lifts in the World”.

Golden Boat Lifts provide a full range of lift systems customized to fit powerboats, pontoon boats, jet boats, wave runners, sailboats, and motor yachts of all types.

4-Post Boat Lift System

Lifting capacities of 4,500#, 7,000#, 10,000#, 12,000#, 16,000#, 20,000#, 24,000#, and 32,000#

GatorVator™ Lifts

Lifting capacities of 2,000#, 4,000#, 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000#.

Patented design (U.S. Patent 6,470,816) allows the motors to be placed on the shore side for easy maintenance and leveling from bow to stern for easy draining.

This design has eliminated the common complaints of an unsightly top lift beam and difficulty in boarding. This lift has a clean look and easy maintenance, which makes it a sure winner. It is adaptable to boat houses, existing pilings, and other structures.

(Available in Flat Plate or E-Drive)

The 2,000# and 4,000# capacity lifts are a one motor, 3 piling lift setup with no upper beams.

The 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000# capacity lifts are 2 motors and are either a 3 piling or a 4 piling configuration.

The GatorVator™ lift requires only two drive spools., which are 3-1/2″ in diameter and grooved for the longest cable life possible and the cables never wrap over the top of each other. These lifts have less cable than other lifts with or without top beams; and better yet, no electric wires run under the water and the lifting speed is 33% faster.

Golden Elevator Boat Lifts

(Available in Flat Plate or E-Drive)

Golden elevator lifts are the perfect solution for narrow canals, embankments and locations where pilings cannot be used.

Components are welded for strength, and oversized grooved winders are used for extended cable life and all of the elevators have stainless steel wheel brackets and flat plates. Nylontron wheels are used with the 10,000# lifts and larger. Available in 3,000#, 5,000#, 7,000#, 10,000#, 12,000#, 15,000# and 20,000# capacities with a 22.5 and 90 degree angle.

Personal Watercraft Lifts

These 180 degree Swivel-Mount PWC lifts are available in either piling mount or seawall mount. The 1000# capacity will accommodate up to a 4’ wide craft and the 1,500# capacity will accommodate up to a 6’ wide craft. The 3000# two post stationary lift will accommodate a 7’ maximum beam boat.
All of Golden’s boat lifts and PWC lifts are manufactured from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum and 300 series stainless steel hardware, mounting brackets, and cables.

Flat Plate Drive

This economical choice for raising your boat has a powerful worm gear drive and is constructed of 6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum. Hardware and cables are high quality 300 series Stainless Steel.


This is Golden’s premier boat lift drive, providing maintenance-free service in a light-weight and corrosion-resistant housing.

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Flat Plate Drive